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Backdoor in firmware

According to experts of the incident affects products Samsung and Dell.

As found in information security expert Neil Smith, a number of printer models, manufactured by Samsung, with a built a program that allows the manufacturer to support service to remotely connect to the device and to manage its settings, as well as diagnostics.

This functionality is hidden and, apparently, the developers did not intend to disclose the fact of his presence. However, at the time the information about the ‘backdoor’ went public, which, according to security experts, necessarily interested intruders.

It should be noted that the same problem found in some printers, manufactured by Dell. This is due to the fact that some products are produced according to the manufacturer signed a contract with Samsung.

According to Smith, the access to the system via SNMP-ID, open for writing and reading. But he did not see the list of SNMP-variables, but remains active even when the SNMP in the device settings. (more…)