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BotnetA joint operation between Microsoft and Symantec completed the discovery and the closure of a major botnet (a network of infected computers that perform malicious commands) called Bamital.

Hundreds of thousands of machines involved in the botnet, brought a group of operators of 18 people an income of more than $ 1 million in a year. The present case is unique in that for the first time in the history of closing botnets manufacturers have released special tools to help users to solve the problem affected.

According to reports, after the closure of a botnet of infected computers have lost access to search services on the Internet. Bamital botnet was the sixth since 2010, the closing of which Microsoft has received the judgment. In addition, this is the second case of collaboration Microsoft and Symantec to close botnet. Closed scale botnet seemed truly global.

The principle of a botnet Bamital was to redirect browsers to the links that the user clicks in search sites Google, Bing and Yahoo. Instead of the desired web user to the fake sites under the control of the botnet operators. In contrast to the various “toolbars” (such as Ask and Conduit), which do not affect the search results, just replaced a botnet links extradition. (more…)