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Hackers attackJanet Napolitano of the Representative office, said that a number of major U.S. financial institutions are actively tried discredit.

According to a leader of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) U.S. Secretary Janet Napolitano, over the past few days by unknown hackers are actively trying to discredit a number of major financial institutions in the country. No details about security incidents Napolitano has not disclosed.

“Right now, financial institutions oppose attacks – quoted representatives of DHS publication The Hill. – We believe in it. I will not give you any secret information. I can only say that this is due to some of the largest institutions in the country. “

She also noted that the agency has experience in dealing with hackers, attacking in the last few years, the stock exchanges of the country. In addition, Napolitano said that in the case of the current incident hackers have managed to steal from the bank a certain amount of money. (more…)