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ESET LogoEset experts submitted a report on the most active threats in 2012. Statistics were collected with the help of cloud technology ESET Live Grid.

1. First place in the ranking placed startup files in which malware is activated in the system. Typically, such a method of distribution using the threat copies itself to removable USB-drives.

2. In second and third places – a web page containing infected scripts or tags IFRAME, which will automatically redirect the user to install malicious code.

3. Fourth place belongs to the network worm Win32/Conficker, which was originally used for a vulnerability in the latest versions of Windows (Windows 2000 exposed – Windows 7).

4. On the fifth – the virus Sality. It provides a startup through the registry, and disables services related to antivirus products and security products. Able to modify the EXE and SCR. (more…)