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Zeus Trojan HorseEvolution of Zeus Botnet Part I

Botnet Zeus, perhaps one of the most famous representatives of malware. Zeus started back in 2007 (or 2006) years. Many people mistakenly believe that Zeus – just another Trojan, but it is not. In fact, Zeus is an example of so-called crimeware – software intended to violate any law.

In this case, the main purpose of crimeware Zeus – stealing credentials used for financial transactions. According to analysts, it is responsible for 90% of bank fraud in the world.

Another misconception is the assertion of the existence of a huge botnet Zeus. In reality, Zeus is the basis of a very large number – probably hundreds – of different botnets, and they are all controlled by different gangs of cyber criminals. The creators of Zeus just sell it to interested parties, as they are already using it form their own botnets. Thus, the right to speak not of the botnet Zeus, but of botnets created by Zeus. To track information about team Zeus servers in February 2009, Roman Hussy, a Swiss expert on computer security, created a website ZeusTracker. (more…)