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Zeus botnet Eurograbber

Zeus botnet Eurograbber

The company Check Point, which has a serious authority in the protection of information, published 18-page report on the new botnet called ‘Eurograbber’.

According to the results of the investigation conducted by Check Point and Versafe, since it was first detected in Italy in early 2012, the system Eurograbber stole more than 36 million euros ($ 47 USD million) from the accounts of private and corporate clients in various countries in the eurozone.

Technology steal money from bank accounts Eurograbber built on botnet Zeus – very popular with cybercriminals platform to create branched botnets with centralized management server. Unlike Eurograbber of previously detected malware is its high complexity and risk. The fact that Eurograbber uses special circuitry to bypass two-factor authentication, which is still considered a reliable means of protection: messages with one-time passwords that are sent from the bank to the customer’s mobile phone, intercepted and used by hackers.

Name Eurograbber detected complex viruses gave security experts from companies and Check Point Versafe. For 2012, the virus had spread throughout Europe. According to experts, the operators Eurograbber stole more than 36 million euros, with each victim lost from 500 to 25 000. (more…)