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Security NewsA critical vulnerability in Google allows access to the Google’s production servers

A Team of researchers discovered a critical XML External Entity (XXE) vulnerability on Google server that allows users to customize their toolbars with new buttons by uploading XML files containing layout properties. Sounds ridiculous but has been proven by the security researchers from Detectify.

Curious that the researchers used Google dorking to search for vulnerabilities within unpopular applications managed by Google, The Google Toolbar button gallery was the application that most of all attracted their attention.

The vulnerability resides in the Toolbar Button Gallery (as shown). The team of researchers found a loophole after they noticed that Google Toolbar Button Gallery allows users to customize their toolbars with new buttons. (more…)

Zero Science LabComparative penetration test against three web application firewall solutions.

Zero Science Lab published a comparative analysis of the safety of the three leading WAF-solutions.

According to experts, the highest attack rate lock was fixed with a free product ModSecurity.

Information security experts from the company Zero Science Lab published the results of the comparative penetration tests carried out in relation to the three” leading Web Application Firewall (WAF) solutions. (more…)