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Stop spamExperts warn of malicious mailing, operating general public interest for pre-election debates between the candidates for the U.S. presidency.

Spam filters Websense weed out thousands of malicious emails disguised as a newsletter CNN. Their headline reads: “CNN Breaking News – Mitt Romney Almost President”. According to experts, all the buttons “Full story” in a fake tape “hot” news that is inserted into the body of spam messages lead to sites, redirects, redirect the recipient to exploit the site, the latest version of Blackhole. The purpose of this is to download a cyberattack on the victim versions of ZeuS, using a user-mode rootkit.

In Sophos also found that in case of failure to exploit (Blackhole uses pdf-, jar and exe-files) attackers are turning to the help of social engineering. If appropriate holes in the defense by not found, it displays a page masterfully mimics the download page for Adobe Flash Player. Without any action by the user, it loads a malicious exe file, which it is proposed to start. Experts believe that this additional functionality intruders entered ahead of the public release of Windows 8 and IE 10 version with a user interface Modern UI, does not support such plugins like Java and Flash. (more…)