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Computer Hacking ScenesHollywood has never been known for realistic and faithful recreations of real-life events, and computer hacking scenes are no exception.

From ridiculously futuristic pieces of technology to unrealistic time scales, audience members can quickly peg these erroneous cinematic representations as wildly fabricated. Here are some of the worst moments from Hollywood’s take on hacking.

1. Hackers

There are so many ridiculous hacking scenes in this movie that it’s difficult to choose just one. However, the first confrontation between Crash Override (Johnny Lee Miller) and Acid Burn (Angelina Jolie) has to be the worst. Miller’s character gains access to a TV station by conning a security guard into giving him the numbers off the top of a modem. What follows is just total absurdity. The characters battle over which program they’re going to make the TV station broadcast while visuals of messages like “virus uploading” randomly flash on the screen, looking more like an antiquated arcade game than anything to do with computer hacking. All the while the characters sling typed insults at each other, adding to the horrible dramatization. (more…)