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information securityComputer security today is as important as personal safety.

We are dealing with computers in offices, banks, shops and houses. With the growing number of so-called computer crime increases and the need for compliance with the rules of computer security.

The present level of development of the various computer technologies into the hands of criminals gave a very powerful and yet simple tool with which “hack” someone’s personal computer is not difficult, even a schoolboy. Therefore, to date computer security is also relevant for the usual and ordinary users.

Who may need my computer? – You ask – it is not a state secret, nor access to billions of dollars. In fact, the “hacked” computer can present a serious threat. For example, attackers can still use your PC for DDoS-attacks – and you know it, your Internet traffic “eat” all the money from the account … (more…)

Computer VirusesBrute force attacks – the so-called attack by the “brute force”. Typically, users use simple passwords, such as “123”, “admin”, etc. These and enjoy computer hackers, who with the help of special calculates the Trojans to penetrate the network password brute – based embedded in the program password dictionary or generate a random sequence of characters.

Keyloggers – kind of Trojans, whose main function is to capture user input via the keyboard. The objects of the abduction are personal and network passwords, logins, credit card details and other personal information.

Backdoors – programs that provide input into the system or receiving the privileged function (mode), bypassing the existing system of authority. Often used to circumvent existing security system. Hatches do not infect files, but registers itself in the registry, thus modifying the registry keys. (more…)

Computer virusToday, the majority of transactions in the world both personal and business, are made online. Internet takes up most of the life of every citizen – from social interaction to control your personal finances.

However, the Internet brings with it a number of specific risks. If you get a virus on your network, your personal information may be at risk, the data may be destroyed, and the hardware is damaged. And not all viruses of the same.

Some can cause damage worth billions of dollars. Below are the top 10 viruses that bring the most extensive damage, as well as tips on how to avoid similar devastation in the future. (more…)