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Joomla! vulnerabilitiesFive vulnerabilities in the content management system Joomla!

These flaws allows a remote user to elevate privileges on the system by exploiting SQL injection. One of vulnerabilities in Joomla! allows an attacker to gain administrator rights.

The developers of the popular content management system Joomla released a security update that fixes five vulnerabilities. One of flaws allows an attacker to remotely elevate privileges using the SQL-injection and obtain administrator rights on most web-sites running Joomla!. (more…)

Drupal logo hacked hacked, you need to change passwords

Passwords are almost a million users of the service have been dumped administration, after hackers managed to gain unauthorized access to private user data. – this is the official website of popular open source content management system.

Hacking is the result of an attack carried out in respect of an unnamed third-party application that works with Drupal, and not by the CMS system as such, said Holly Ross, executive director of the Drupal Association blog. During the attack were skompropetirovany user names, email addresses, information about the country and cryptographically secure passwords. However, while the analysis is not complete, and some additional data could also be in the hands of the organizers of the attack. (more…)

Joomla WordPressExperts warn web developers about growing number of attacks to the WordPress and Joomla platforms.

Researchers at the Sans Institute said they had received several reports of attempted attacks on the popular content management system (CMS), including WordPress and Joomla. Compromised web-sites have been infected with malicious code, redirect users to third-party portals.

Researcher John Bambenek, CEO Bambenek Consulting, a leading blog Sans Institute, said that the incident is of particular interest because of the attempts to attack intruders massively page by hacking servers.

“It is interesting to note that this does not seem to Exploit search produces a vulnerability. Apparently, hackers scanning servers for multiple breaches Joomla and WordPress”, – the expert added on his personal blog. (more…)

Joomla vulnerabilityJoomla! one of the most powerful content management system with Open Source (Open Source CMS) on the planet. It is used all over the world for everything from simple websites to complex corporate applications. Joomla! easy to install, simple to manage, reliable.

Administer the site – is the management policies and procedures input, storage and output of data on the site. This can be data, graphics or tables. The data is entered in a special program (like another site within your site) which locates and stores your data. This program is called a content management system (the administrative module).

Working with the administrative module is performed remotely from any computer with access to the Internet. To operate the system enough to have a computer web-browser (the default is already installed on almost all computers.) Installation of any additional software components are required. (more…)

Drupal logoDrupal (from the Dutch. Druppel – drop) – Content Management System (CMS) written in PHP and uses as a repository content relational database (supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, and any database supported library PEAR).

Drupal is a free software license GPL-protected and created by the efforts of enthusiasts from around the world. Began development Dutchman Dries Buytaert, which still is the leader of the project.

Drupal architecture allows it to build different types of sites – from blogs and forums to information archives and news sites. Functionality is provided by plugins that access common API Drupal. A standard set of modules includes, for example, features such as news feed, blog, forum, downloads, news collector, voting, and other search large number of additional modules, greatly extend the basic functionality can be downloaded from the official site. (more…)