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D-LinkThe flaw allows unauthorized users to gain access to the video stream.

Company D-Link has released updates that fixes vulnerabilities in routers 5 and 8 IP-cameras. Experts point out that gaps in the software routers resemble vulnerabilities that were previously eliminated in the other models, but the cameras found dangerous, previously unknown vulnerabilities, which proved to be quite an unpleasant surprise for developers – vulnerability allows unauthorized viewers to intercept the video stream from the camera or from ASCII-output. (more…)

IP-cameras D-LinkThe experts found five vulnerabilities in at least 14 of D-Link products

Researchers at Core Security, dealing with security issues, reported multiple vulnerabilities in the IP-cameras by D-Link production, using which an attacker can intercept the video stream. The experts found five vulnerabilities at least 14 of products.

IP-cameras can record images and video, and their control is carried out through online-panel controls. Camera model DCS-5605/DCS-5635, in which discovered the vulnerability, is equipped with a motion detection feature, which has been widely used in financial and medical institutions, as well as in various offices. (more…)