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counterfeitA joint operation of European and U.S. law enforcement agencies called ‘Cyber ​​Monday’ took place on 26 November this year.

U.S. officials from the Office of Compliance Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested 101 domain name in connection with trafficking in counterfeit goods. Another 31 were arrested domain European intelligence agencies. Was also arrested a resident of Buffalo (piece of New York, USA), suspected of selling counterfeit products under the trademark of Microsoft through the popular free ads Craigslist.

Raids special services on the Internet coincided with the ‘Cyber ​​Monday’ for online stores that experienced the largest influx of visitors for the year due to the beginning of New Year sales. Control domains, arrested during the operation, to State authorities, which have replaced the contents of websites in these domains. Instead of the proposed sale of counterfeit, that is, pirated products, now on these websites posted warning of the penalties for such activities.

According to a press release from the American fighters counterfeiting of service ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement – Office of Compliance Immigration and Customs Enforcement), among other counterfeit goods, the sale of which were arrested domains and websites are such items as a form of professional sports , DVD-drives, as well as many types of clothing, jewelry and luxury goods. Seizure of domain names was made by a court order issued to prevent the possible spread of counterfeit goods. (more…)