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HackersCyber ​​criminals are increasingly turning to the services of the Panamanian service Perfect Money.

Three months later, after a group of international human rights organizations raided the office of the electronic payment system Liberty Reserve (after the company closed down), cybercriminals, most experts say, are increasingly turning to the services of the service Perfect Money. So, Idan Aharoni, one of the leading specialist EMC, said that this company is increasingly being used for money laundering and concealment of income.

At the request of its customers Aharoni and his team of experts in the field of information security was monitoring the underground forums that used to sell stolen credit cards. (more…)

Hackers attackSymantec has released the results of a survey conducted as part of the annual survey of Norton Cybercrime Report. According to the company, last year suffered from the actions of cybercriminals 556 million members of the “world wide web”. Their total losses amounted to $ 110 billion

The survey was conducted in late July, was attended by over 13 thousand Internet users 18-64 years from 24 countries. All countries are represented in the survey in equal shares (of 500 members), except for the U.S. and India (1000). Victims of cybercrime in the past period were 46%, the sum of the individual losses averaged $ 197. The total number of victims and the total damage by country experts were extrapolated. (more…)