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Volunteers Help PoliceWhat is the best way for police to utilise their funds when it comes to tackling cybercrime.

An announcement that the Hampshire Constabulary are looking for skilled IT workers to act as Special Constables has caused a bit of controversy and consternation.

There is no doubt that fighting cybercrime is a difficult task and having as much assistance as possible is vital. One of the biggest problems for police forces is that they tend to be a step or two behind the leading criminals and operators in this field. (more…)

HackersIf you can do a number of things, the need for a huge number of IT professionals is not required to prevent hackers from taking over your online banking system.

Essentially, small businesses find online banking very convenient and easy while at the same time very vulnerable to cyber criminal targets. Lots of small businesses out there lack the huge budgets and IT resources many big companies have in plenty. Legal protection is also low due to differences in protection laws as many small businesses have lots of difficulty in loss recovery.

Your Business At Risk

Cyber criminals today have so many smart softwares to use to break into the huge number of web accounts awaiting them with many businesses tricked into providing lots of sensitive data through cunning emails and phishing attacks. You will find websites and emails that engage in phishing seemingly very legitimate and sensitive information is entered such as credit card information, passwords and usernames. Once the information has been secured, the account is targeted so that funds can be transferred or log in details sold to various cyber criminals out there. (more…)