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HackersCybercriminals are heavily used in their illegal activities of the Joint European domain .eu, the report said the British antivirus company Sophos. “The number of malicious domains .eu growing. Many malicious domains were registered in November to distribute a set of exploits Blackhole”, – said Fraser Howard, anti-virus specialist Sophos.

Blackhole is a set of Web-based attacks exploits targeted at different browser vulnerabilities and plug-ins, such as Adobe Reader, Flash Player or Java Plug-in to infect users’ computers. The latest wave of attacks recorded by Sophos, cyber criminals attacked randomly selected .eu-domains, trying to place them malicious code. In addition, the attackers use specially registered domains to attack the computers of end users. A significant number of malware .eu-domains have been registered with the Czech Republic.

“The life of such domains is small, each specific to the server name indicates only a short period of time, after which the organizers determine the domain to the new server. Overall, this technique is customary for such an attack, because it makes it difficult to close a particular server and filtering traffic due change IP-addresses “- says Howard. (more…)

online shopping safeInternet shops are becoming increasingly popular among users due to the fact that provide a wide range of products and time-saving to purchase. But how safe are electronic payments in online store? What to think and what precautions to take to the buyer online store?

Let’s try to answer these questions.

First of all, online shoppers at risk of fraud. This is a fake credit card, and re-write-offs, and just disappear storefront, who managed to get the money for undelivered goods. A large proportion of fraud is by stealing confidential data by intercepting information transmitted or hacking databases retailers.

Today, cyber criminals often use the following method to steal money:

– the user’s computer becomes infected with keylogger (a malicious program) that captures logins / passwords and payment card data entered via the keyboard;

– keylogger then sends the captured data to fraudsters, who dispose of them have their own selfish purposes.

Many users and founded fear of such a threat, as the commission of unwanted children shopping online.

How to make online shopping safer and more comfortable? How to protect yourself and your family from scams and unscrupulous online retailers? (more…)

Hackers attackTokyo police detained a group of cyber criminals who have deployed the largest-ever campaign for stealing personal data of users of digital devices.

AsĀ  the Japanese media reported, Tokyo police arrested five people on suspicion of distributing malicious applications for devices based on Android, with which attackers compromised the personal data of more than 10 million people.

According to police, the criminals replaced the popular applications for mobile on malware, with the help of which have access to confidential information of users. (more…)