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Kaspersky Lab“Kaspersky Lab” has announced disclosure a new cyber-espionage network, dubbed NetTraveler and which affected more than 350 computer systems in 40 countries.

Were attacked public and private entities, including government agencies, embassies, research centers, military organizations, oil and gas companies, as well as political activists.

According to investigations conducted by experts of “Kaspersky Lab” espionage campaign launched back in 2004, but its peak occurred in the period from 2010 to 2013. Recently, in the sphere of interest of the attackers included industries such as space exploration, nanotechnology, energy, including nuclear, medicine, and telecommunications. (more…)


Security Threats for 2013

Experts corporations STONESOFT posted six top-security threats in 2013.

According to analysts in the come year the world community will face even more sophisticated a cyber attacks, a cyber espionage and hacking for the sake of the political and/or religious goals.

“We live in a digital world and issues of cyber-security is now for the international community more and more important. Each year, by the hour, the meaning of ‘information security’ is growing, and that means it’s time to think about the international rules, regulations and legislation in this area, “– says Jarno Limnell, director of Cyber ​​Security Corporation STONESOFT.

“The states actively invest in the their cyber opportunity. And, it is a question both of protection, and of attack. The quantity a cyber wars in the world will increase that can lead to serious consequences and unpredictable side effects. Consequences of any single attack can extend quickly worldwide, even by mistake. The infinite number of players is invested worldwide by huge amounts of money for change of existing kibir-reality”, – the expert emphasized. (more…)

Malware Trojan HorseAntivirus company F-Secure received a sample of “elusive” Trojan FinFisher

The researchers conducted an analysis of five malicious e-mails sent by the activists in Bahrain.

One of the most popular tools in the world of cyber-espionage – virus FinFisher, developed by Gamma International, into the hands of the researcher Mikko Hypponen of the anti-virus company F-Secure.

Conduct analysis of malicious software managed by the employee publication Bloomberg, who passed five experts malicious e-mails addressed to the pro-democracy movement in Bahrain.

“We know that it exists, but we have never seen it – you can compare it with a rare diamond” – said Hypponen. (more…)

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Malicious code is distributed in spam e-mail messages under the guise of the document as PDF.

According to the report by Dell SecureWorks, the Internet was developed a new campaign for cyber espionage aimed at employees of energy companies around the world.

Malware “Mirage” was found in the systems of the various energy companies Philippines, Canada, Taiwan, and Brazil, Israel, Egypt and Nigeria. (more…)