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HackersCyber security has emerged as one of the major issues for businesses today owing to the ever growing nexus of hackers out there. Keeping the general scenario in view, it would not be wrong to claim that hackers are even able to steal around 45 millions in 2 days. The greater inter connectivity of devices has made it easier for hackers to grab confidential information on a large scale. therefore, it is advisable that companies approach security risk management with a lot of seriousness with an aim to remove both internal and external threats on a regular basis.

The IT security landscape is clearly changing and it has got companies frantically looking for ways to locate risks or vulnerabilities associated with their own systems. Now the nature of information safety security might vary vastly. Here are the main types of cyber threats discussed. The differences are based solely on the motive of the crimes thus discussed. (more…)



Cyberbullying has a great impact to a person’s life. The damage can vary from simple to life-threatening.

Bullying is a serious matter. According to the National Crime Prevention Council’s report in 2011, more than 50% of the United States’ teenage population is suffering from one form of bullying or even more. With the Internet’s technology and social media websites like Facebook, bullying has even extended itself to cyberspace. This is what people call “cyberbullying.”

There have been several cases already of cyberbullying that, unfortunately, has resulted to deaths. One case is Rachael Neblett of Kentucky. Rachel had unfortunately committed suicide because of bullying in her MySpace account. Before her death in October 2006, she had received scores of threatening emails and messages online. Her parents brought the emails to the attention of the school principal, but the bullying only got worse.

In October 2006, the bully sent her another email threatening to kill her, which made Rachael apprehensive and averse to the idea of going to school. She decided to take her life in October 9. She was 17 years old. (more…)

HackersIf you can do a number of things, the need for a huge number of IT professionals is not required to prevent hackers from taking over your online banking system.

Essentially, small businesses find online banking very convenient and easy while at the same time very vulnerable to cyber criminal targets. Lots of small businesses out there lack the huge budgets and IT resources many big companies have in plenty. Legal protection is also low due to differences in protection laws as many small businesses have lots of difficulty in loss recovery.

Your Business At Risk

Cyber criminals today have so many smart softwares to use to break into the huge number of web accounts awaiting them with many businesses tricked into providing lots of sensitive data through cunning emails and phishing attacks. You will find websites and emails that engage in phishing seemingly very legitimate and sensitive information is entered such as credit card information, passwords and usernames. Once the information has been secured, the account is targeted so that funds can be transferred or log in details sold to various cyber criminals out there. (more…)

Trend MicroTrend Micro has studied cyber threat to modern TVs

Trend Micro has released a infographic for today’s cyber threats such as TV Smart TV. According to statistics, by 2016 the share of Smart TV will account for 85% of the market.

According to experts at Trend Micro, the fact that the Smart TV allows its owners to access the Internet, in particular, to the accounts on different sites, is likely to lead to the fact that in the near future attackers will launch phishing attack on the Smart TV.

In addition, experts point out that the lack of Smart TV standard keyboard, most likely, will lead to the fact that users will be too simple passwords. (more…)

GoogleAccording to a recent study by Google, malicious software in most cases extends straight from legitimate sites that have been hacked. Of course, these programs are also distributed through special sites that were directly run by hackers, but they are much smaller.

These data are published in a special section of the “Report on the availability of services and data,” which Google weekly updates. Information destroys the myth that malware penetrating the computer users from dubious resources. Statistics undeniable. For example, as of June 9, 2013 only 3891 sites that are blocked in Google Chrome and Firefox, a system of “Safe Browsing”, belonged to the category of questionable resources. At the same time, the remaining 39247 sites offering legit services and facilities, but they have been infected by malware. (more…)


Security Threats for 2013

Experts corporations STONESOFT posted six top-security threats in 2013.

According to analysts in the come year the world community will face even more sophisticated a cyber attacks, a cyber espionage and hacking for the sake of the political and/or religious goals.

“We live in a digital world and issues of cyber-security is now for the international community more and more important. Each year, by the hour, the meaning of ‘information security’ is growing, and that means it’s time to think about the international rules, regulations and legislation in this area, “– says Jarno Limnell, director of Cyber ​​Security Corporation STONESOFT.

“The states actively invest in the their cyber opportunity. And, it is a question both of protection, and of attack. The quantity a cyber wars in the world will increase that can lead to serious consequences and unpredictable side effects. Consequences of any single attack can extend quickly worldwide, even by mistake. The infinite number of players is invested worldwide by huge amounts of money for change of existing kibir-reality”, – the expert emphasized. (more…)

Symantec Corp

Cyber threats 2013

The main part of cyber attacks will focus on smart phones, social networks and the government.

Researchers at Symantec presented their forecast of the threat of cyber security in the coming year. According to them, the main “victims” of malicious users and programs become mobile operating systems, social networks and government sites.

Experts point out that next year will be more aggressive attack and will serve to demonstrate the power. Despite the further spread of fraudulent schemes and espionage attacks, in the majority, will be political hue.

“Governments, organizations or special interests will use cyber attacks to demonstrate their power and to express themselves,” – said in Symantec. (more…)