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HackersCybercrime has become a source of considerable income even for the rank and file of shadow schemes, says consulting firm in the field of information security Fortinet.

Senior security analyst in the division of FortiGuard Fortinet Derek Manky spent more than a year for tracking online communities in which virtual intruders are a set of statements botnets. The company has recently released a ‘Report on Cybercrime in 2013’ (2013 Cybercrime Report), which provides a deep analysis of the organization of modern spam botnets.

Based on data collected was compiled peculiar ‘rating fees’ paid by the owners of networks of infected computers for a variety of operations on illegal advertising ezine or cracking.

“Before, botnet owners do it all yourself” – says Mankey. According to the report, the botnet now – it’s not just a network of infected PCs controlled by a lone attacker or group of anonymous individuals. Spamming has long become a full-fledged business – to serve its operations botnets as legitimate companies to recruit.

Taken separately botnet control includes a variety of tasks. Here, in addition to direct technical operations include, for example, legal advice, which help draw shady deal to lease or purchase of infected networks. Or services of brokers who register worldwide dynamically changing IP-addresses to disguise as the location and extent of the botnet services to combat cybercrime. (more…)

Hackers attackSymantec has released the results of a survey conducted as part of the annual survey of Norton Cybercrime Report. According to the company, last year suffered from the actions of cybercriminals 556 million members of the “world wide web”. Their total losses amounted to $ 110 billion

The survey was conducted in late July, was attended by over 13 thousand Internet users 18-64 years from 24 countries. All countries are represented in the survey in equal shares (of 500 members), except for the U.S. and India (1000). Victims of cybercrime in the past period were 46%, the sum of the individual losses averaged $ 197. The total number of victims and the total damage by country experts were extrapolated. (more…)