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Computer VirusThere is a new kid of the virus block, and a pretty nasty kid it is too. Named Rombertik, it is generally picked up from attachments on phishing emails (usually appearing to be a .PDF file in the case of this virus).

Maybe one of those emails you received claiming you have won a prize, claiming to be a message from Microsoft, or asking you to validate your bank details. (more…)

whitehatDo you want to spend the rest of your life in a boring office doing typical corporate nonsense, or do you want to get paid for hacking? For many teens and young adults, this is a dream come true. Spending your days destroying viruses, outsmarting other hackers and being the hero that thwarts a cyber terrorism attack. While this might seem like a fantasy, the truth is that you could be doing this for the government. Ethical hackers are needed, and you can fulfill this need while making a good amount of money.

Hackers Required

Did you think that the computer science niche was overcrowded? You would be right in most cases, but this isn’t true with cybersecurity. Only about five percent of all available positions have been filled. That allows you to leap into one of the many remaining jobs. Not only that, but the need for security experts is rising because cyber terrorism is becoming more common. (more…)