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ESET LogoAnti-virus experts are warning about a surge of activity the malware FileCoder.

IT security company Eset reported about a rapid increase in activity a dangerous Trojan FileCoder, which encrypts your personal data files in order to extort money from the transcript. Most of the victims are Russian users. Experts have recorded an unusual burst of activity malware families Filecoder. According to data obtained using cloud technology Eset Live Grid, Win32/Filecoder activity compared with the average level recorded in the first half of 2013 increased by more than 200%.

From this activity the most affected people of Russia. According to Eset, Russia accounts for 44% of detections. In addition, a significant proportion of infections recorded in Europe – from extortionists FileCoder affected users from Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Romania, Ukraine and Czech Republic. Also infected with this malware have been observed in the United States. (more…)

Computer virusToday, the majority of transactions in the world both personal and business, are made online. Internet takes up most of the life of every citizen – from social interaction to control your personal finances.

However, the Internet brings with it a number of specific risks. If you get a virus on your network, your personal information may be at risk, the data may be destroyed, and the hardware is damaged. And not all viruses of the same.

Some can cause damage worth billions of dollars. Below are the top 10 viruses that bring the most extensive damage, as well as tips on how to avoid similar devastation in the future. (more…)