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Data ProtectedKeeping information safe from hackers has always been a priority in the corporate world.

But over the past several years, it has become increasingly more important for consumers to use caution when storing personal data.

Here are three things your systems should be well equipped with in preparation for cyber predators. (more…)

dataSir Frances Bacon once said, “Knowledge is power.” While he was likely referring to the type of knowledge found in classic literature and scientific exploration, this memorable and often used phrase is just as applicable to today’s digital databases.

Major corporations and everyday individuals keep large amounts of information – everything from store inventories to credit card accounts – stored digitally. Because of its personal and financial ties, that information is very powerful. If it falls into unscrupulous hands or is compromised in some, way the results can be crushing. For that reason, it is imperative that sensitive data be protected from those who seek to use it for personal gain and from other destructive forces. (more…)