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Windows XPAs you may have already heard, support for Windows XP is to cease on 8 April 2014 – and if your business has yet to begin its migration, then it’s imperative to act now.

After serving 13 years as one of the world’s most long-standing operating systems, Microsoft will no longer be releasing any patches or updates for XP, meaning businesses have two choices: and that is to either continue using an unprotected Windows OS or to undergo an upgrade.

Lack of support means lack of protection

With no means of defence for your data, this puts your company in a vulnerable position. Do you really want to put both your organisation’s and customers’ sensitive information in the hands of a malicious hacker? Whilst upgrading your system may be costly, in the short-term such an investment is worth paying for – compared to the long-term damage inflicted by a critical malware attack. (more…)