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Where Are The Cyber Criminals HidingWhere Do The Cyber Criminals Hide?

No matter the system, criminals it seems are always one step ahead of the police. If you prevent a means to commit a crime, another criminal is already about to solve it as it goes into place.

The same is true with the Internet. Cyber security is a major issue today with so much of our data out there, it is a great target for criminals. (more…)

Next Generation Firewalls

Firewalls protect the gateway to your network and to your data and applications, and maintaining threat protection is essential.

The problem is that firewalls are pretty stupid – they are like a security guard on the door of a club, allowing in only those guests who are on the list and rejecting anyone who Is not.

The problem is that hackers and emerging threats have become much more sophisticated in gaining entry, and in addition, modern business networks are much more porous than they once were – there are now multiple entry points into a network, and firewalls can be bypassed. (more…)

Android App Security5 Ways To Secure Your Next Android App

Android security has become a hot button issue among Android users and developers alike. While the Android platform does offer significantly more freedom when compared to iOS, BlackBerry and Microsoft operating systems, this freedom has a trade off; Android devices and applications have often been seen as far less secure than other options. For this reason, Android developers need to take special precautions when securing their applications. (more…)

dataSir Frances Bacon once said, “Knowledge is power.” While he was likely referring to the type of knowledge found in classic literature and scientific exploration, this memorable and often used phrase is just as applicable to today’s digital databases.

Major corporations and everyday individuals keep large amounts of information – everything from store inventories to credit card accounts – stored digitally. Because of its personal and financial ties, that information is very powerful. If it falls into unscrupulous hands or is compromised in some, way the results can be crushing. For that reason, it is imperative that sensitive data be protected from those who seek to use it for personal gain and from other destructive forces. (more…)

SophosInterested on what steps you can take to insure your valuable data is secure. This article will show you how Sophos can help.

Data protection is a service that is always ideal for every business in order to help in securing your data from the effects of viruses and spyware. As a result of the high demand of data protection in various sectors, there are lots of data protection software that have been introduced in the market. However, not all of them can effectively help you to secure your data.

One of the best that you should always rely on is Sophos. This is an ideal service provider that is recommended for both small and mid-sized businesses. Besides, it is well equipped with the best software and technical support to ensure that your datacenters are well protected against the threats of viruses.

Choosing Sophos is a bold step that you should consider taking in order to avoid being a victim of malicious software that may corrupt your data. One of the benefits of choosing this service provider is that you can always have the blocking and scanning of viruses, Trojans and spyware conducted at the source making it very reliable. This further means that your datacenters are offered protection of the highest levels. (more…)