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McAfee logoOver the past three quarters experts McAfee analyzed about 150 thousand suspicious URL, linked to the French resources. 73% of them had been given the status of high risk. About 70% of these internet addresses used by hackers to host malware, 20% are phishers, 6% – the spammers.

All URL, be monitored, tied to around 50 thousand domain names. McAfee checked every month in the French segment of over 10 thousand suspicious domains, of which about 2.7 thousand are new.

Over the past period, the experts found on French resources over 8 thousand malicious objects, ready to attack visitors. Most of them are detected by McAfee security solutions as Generic.dx and HTML / IFrame.L Trojan. On computers that are most common French Conficker / Kido, ZeroAccess, worm Bactera, various PUP (potentially unwanted programs), daunloudery and adware. (more…)