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USA - North KoreanNever before has a movie achieved more international attention, and it never even hit the screen.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest called the cyber attack at Sony, or the “Sony hack,” as it been named,  a destructive attack exposing serious security measures. To Hollywood and the rest of the country, it was a total surprise in many ways. U.S. Officials disclaimed that when foreign governments present attacks like this cyber attack, they are looking to provoke a response from the U.S. (more…)

MalwareMalware, viruses, bot injection, DDoS attacks ad infinitum. For years now they have been the bane of webmasters, company executives and owners around the world.

With the annual damage from malware alone exceeding $13 billion, to date there has been no solution to predict if an attack is coming your way or if your website is on the “target list”.

New technologies in corporate internet security monitoring are changing this, with dark spiders which can now crawl the full spectrum of the cyber criminal chatter network to see if your company website, name or even key staff names are on a list somewhere. (more…)

DDoS attack alertInstead of running broad-spectrum attacks, many DDoS users are focusing on areas of weakness in the target network. This approach requires more finesse than … Read more below.

From the earliest days of history, there have been people who develop ways to get past security and attract attention through vandalism.  Graffiti, prank phone calls, and “gotcha” type TV-shows are some of the more recent examples, but, with the advent of the Internet, a new form of vandalism has appeared.  The Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attack.

What is Distributed Denial of Service?

First arising in the 1990s as a way to expel people from Internet chat rooms and the like, a DDoS attack is the digital equivalent of a sledgehammer; instead of introducing a virus or remotely controlling the target machine, a DDoS attempts to overwhelm the computer with an excess of data.  This influx of random “nuisance” data renders the machine or network incapable of performing its regular functions. (more…)

F-Secure logoDirector of Development at F-Secure, well-known security expert Mikko Hyppönen, explained why the growing popularity cryptocurrency direct impact on the protection of computer systems.

“It is quite a different thing: to protect the organization from cybercrime gang that attacks in order to make money, or targeted attacks to spy for the government – said Mikko Hypponen. – And all this is quite different from protecting your organization against anonymous users, or similar movements, which are not interested in money or espionage, and they want to protest in any way. “

Against every form of threats expected a different defense strategy, and various software tools. (more…)

DDoS attack alertAccording to experts, companies first need to be able to isolate the attacked components.

After analyzing large DDoS-attacks, which earlier this year underwent many media, as well as a series of attacks on the financial structure of the United States, the responsibility for which has taken over the hacking group Cyber ​​Fighters of Izz ad-din Al Qassam, the experts found that, together with holding major attacks, cyber criminals send out spam messages in some malware. (more…)

DDoS attack alertDDOS Attacks have Increased in Number and Size

According to statistics Prolexic Technologies, in January-March 2013 the average power of DDoS-attacks increased by 718% to 48.25 Gb / s. Moreover, the experts pointed upward trend to growth of pps-indicator: last quarter it reached 32.4 million packets per second. This indicator is usually not taken into account in statistical reports, but attacks with high pps aimed, primarily, on a conclusion out of operation such elements of infrastructure, as network interface cards and boundary routers. To cope with multi-million pps-flow can only the most expensive devices, the threshold is definitely lower than the other. (more…)

DDoS attack alertOn average, the power of today’s DDoS-attacks of 32.4 million packet-per-second.

The company Prolexic, which provides IT-services, conducted a study on the amount, duration and frequency of DDoS-attacks on the filling of web-sites and computer systems with malicious files. According to the study, over the past three months, almost all indicators increased eight-fold, compared with the fourth quarter of 2012.

On average, in the first quarter of 2013 the volume of DDoS-attacks reached 48.25 GB / sec., While in the last quarter of last year, attacks were carried out with a volume of 5.9 GB / s. (more…)

International Data Corporation

International Data Corporation

Professionals, IDC published a market research solutions for fight against DoS and DDoS-attacks.

The document entitled “Worldwide DDoS Prevention Products and Services 2013-2017 Forecast” researchers, in particular, predicts that by 2017 the annual growth of the market-making to prevent DoS and DDoS-attacks will be 18.2%, and in 2017, the turnover of this segment of the market will reach $ 870 million.

The forecast says that in 2012 there was a sharp increase in the number and capacity of DDoS-attacks. Since such attacks are becoming more frequent, complex and sophisticated, their victims (mainly various organizations) are increasingly unprepared for the defense of their information systems. (more…)

DDoS attackDoS and DDoS attacks in the world of Internet security is a special place.

First, they do not take advantage of vulnerabilities in the software that can be fixed, and secondly, each package consisting attack looks legitimate – just the combination of a set of packets can lead to destructive consequences, and thirdly, the last time such an attack continue for hours or days, not seconds or minutes.

For years, DoS and DDoS attacks are not attracted much attention, as it refers to the category of niche attacks. This situation changed dramatically in 2011, when the hacker group Anonymous chose DoS and DDoS attacks as the primary method of achieving their goals. (more…)

DDoS attack alertDDoS attack has become a consumer product.

She still can not be sold in the shops, but in underground sites, you will find many opportunities – sets for DDoS, price lists and even DDoS services for hire. Anyone from individuals to organizations involved in cybercrime can easily deploy a botnet and launch an attack.

Not require programming skills and knowledge of hacking, DDoS kits allow novice hackers to easily run a botnet. DDoS kit includes two components – Designer bots, as well as the management server. (more…)