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Windows 8Windows Defender in Windows 8 Virusovnet failed the test in October 2012, showing the level of detection when downloading malicious files from the Internet in 2.9% out of a possible 100%

October 26, 2012 there was a new operating system Windows 8 from Mcirosoft, which is characterized by an increased level of security (for details you can read the article 5 of the major improvements to the security of Windows 8). The main issue of concern to many – whether built-in antivirus Windows Defender in Windows 8 operating system to protect your home computer from common Internet threats? The second question – whether to install a third-party anti-virus solution for Windows 8?

According to a test Virusovnet October 2012 can be argued that Windows Defender Windows 8 will not be able to provide adequate protection to users of popular operating systems, third-party antivirus solution is installed immediately after the purchase of Windows 8, otherwise, after a few days of active use of the Internet you can with surprised to find that your computer has become a breeding ground for malware.

Testing Virusovnet October 2012 was conducted to determine the feasibility of comprehensive antivirus class Internet Security to block malicious applications on the home computer user while downloading files from the Internet. Following the test objectives were involved only the main components – anti-virus engine and web protection. (more…)