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ISC BIND Vulnerability

Vulnerability: Denial of service in ISC BIND

Danger: Low
Patch: Yes
Number of vulnerabilities: 1

CVE ID: CVE-2012-5166
Vector of operation: Remote
Impact: Denial of service

Affected products: ISC BIND 9.6.x, 9.7.x, 9.8.x, 9.9.x

Affected versions: ISC BIND versions prior to 9.7.7, 9.7.6-P4, 9.6-ESV-R8, 9.6-ESV-R7-P4, 9.8.4, 9.8.3-P4, 9.9.2 and 9.9.1-P4


The vulnerability allows a remote user to cause a denial of service application.

An error in the processing of requests to a particular type of records. This can be exploited to crash the daemon. Successful exploitation of this vulnerability requires that a combination of RDATA name server was loaded from cache or authoritative name server. (more…)