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Doctor WebDr.Web Security Space provides comprehensive protection for your PC from Internet threats, including viruses, rootkits, worms, hacking utilities, computer scams, spam, phishing messages, infected web pages, etc. The product Dr.Web Security Space provides comprehensive protection workstations running Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/8/7/Vista (2000/XP/ only for 32-bit systems and 8/7/Vista 64-bit).

Intelligent spam filtering technology to Dr.Web Security Space, based on several thousands of rules, does not depend on the language in the written message. Dr.Web anti-spam technology can reduce the risk of getting the right messages in ‘Spam’ to a minimum.

Key features include:

– Check the incoming and outgoing mail is in real time;

– Work-spam does not depend on any mail program and does not increase while receiving mail;

– Anti-spam does not require configuration and automatically begins to act with the first message; (more…)