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Defending Your Business from cryptolockerCryptolocker – a program that belongs to the category of so-called “ransomware”.

Cryptolocker encrypts files on the hard disk drive of a computer running Microsoft Windows and requires the payment of redemption, before you download the server private key to decrypt the files. You need to pay a ransom for 72-96 hours. If during this time the money is not transferred to the designated account, key to decrypt the file is deleted and it is impossible to restore files. (more…)

eScaneScan: discovered a new vulnerability Android – attack via NFC

Researchers at the company MWR Labs demonstrated at the conference EUSecWest, held September 19-20 in Amsterdam, a new exploit the mobile platform Android.

Hacker attack was made with the use of “near-field communication” (NFC).

Through NFC-connection specialists MWR Labs managed to pass between the two smartphone Samsung Galaxy S III malicious file, which is a zero-day exploit. Self-triggering the exploit allowed complete control of the receiver. Attacker could execute arbitrary code and gained access to the SMS-messages, pictures, contact lists and other information stored on your phone. (more…)

 Java DangereScan – how to protect a PC against hacker attacks via unpatched vulnerabilities Oracle Java

Recall, August 27, 2012 the company FireEye researchers reported in his blog about the dangerous gaps in the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.7 – runtime Java.

Vulnerabilities, the current platforms Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, was given the name CVE-2012-4681. Vulnerability CVE-2012-4681 is widely used by hackers – a few hours in the hacker’s arsenal came the latest updates the most popular sets of exploits, including an exploit and under CVE-2012-4681. (more…)