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MyPageKeeperThe free app, created by university researchers to protect against spam and malicious links on social networks, showed 97% detection efficiency.

False alarms were 0.005%. Software product MyPageKeeper, developed in the walls of the University of California at Riverside, was a response to the growth of academics Internet threats on social web services.

Application continuously scans the wall and newsletters podlpischikov service retrieves records with evidence of criminal or parasitic behavior and alert the owners profiles. Debris created by spammers, phishers and malware distributors in social networks, the researchers called collectively – “socware”, from “social malware”.

Tracking certain features, MyPageKeeper into account the specificity of “social context”: specific words, the number of marks “Like” and comment for the record. For example, the presence of such words as “free”, “hurry”, “deal” or “shoked”, indicates that the use of his account – most likely spam. According to the observations of researchers, a small amount of positive feedback (“Like”) and comments also favors socware. URL, contained in an email message to the social network, MyPageKeeper checks on the blacklist domains implicated in pernicious or spammer activity, writes (more…)