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Android HackedSymantec Corporation announces a new threat Android.Exprespam. Scammers create fake application store for the Android platform in order to obtain personal data.

Experts believe that with the help of this scheme hackers have managed to steal from 75 to 450 thousand records of personal data, and this is just the beginning. Users can protect themselves, without following the suspicious links from unknown senders.

Android.Exprespam malware discovered in early January, and thus it was active only a few weeks, but experts believe that the attackers have managed to achieve some success. Company experts Symantec have data that would indicate how successful the attackers attempt to get users to Android to provide their personal data. Obtained during the investigation, the information, which is the only part of the picture indicates that the fake Android application store, called Android Express’s Play, has collected more than 3,000 visitors from 13 to 20 January. (more…)