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HackersThis article focuses on the dangers of cyber bullying on kids and teens and how parents can safeguards their kids digital world from cyber bullying and its negative effects on the kid’s emotional and psychological well-being.

Bullies have been around for ages but the advent of the Internet has offered bullies a new platform to practice their bullying actions. The term cyber bullying was coined to describe bullying actions that are done on the Internet. Such bullying actions include any action that is aimed at embarrassing, harassing, and threatening a kid or teenager by another person.

Kids love the social aspect of the Internet. Many kids spend a lot of time hanging out on social network sites and playing their favorite online games. Although the social network and MMO gaming sites offer kids the platform to express themselves, connect with others, and have fun playing their favorite games, these sites also expose kids to attacks from cyber bullies. In fact, social media sites provide online bullies the perfect platform to carry out their favorite pastime: bullying. (more…)