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FortinetThe new system FortiWeb 5 OS provides enhanced protection from the growing threats and is compatible with all the devices of the family FortiWeb.

It is enhanced features including the ability to determine with high accuracy the origin of the traffic and establish permitted or suspicious sources.

With help FortiWeb it is possible to distinguish legitimate and unknown inquiries to search engines and to distinguish them from scanners, bots and other threats. This extends the analysis and detection of bots, recently provided by service FortiGuard IP Reputation service, which monitors the compromised IP-address or IP-addresses with abnormal activity. (more…)

FortinetAmong the key risks – sophisticated targeted attacks on mobile devices and applications, active use of malicious IPv6 shelters and exploits.

1. The purpose of APT attacks will be mobile users

APT attacks, the so-called sophisticated targeted threats (Advanced Persistent Threats), named No. 1 threat because of their ability to use a variety of techniques and the latest technology for simultaneous attack from all sides. All these actions are clearly aimed at achieving a specific goal – to gain access to confidential information. A few recent examples of victims: Stuxnet, Flame and Gauss. Analysts expect that in 2013, the main purpose of APT attacks will shift to the private individuals, executives, politicians, and public figures. Confirm this forecast will be extremely difficult, in part because, after hackers managed to gain access to desired data, they can easily remove malware from the target device before the victim realizes what has happened. Moreover, it is hardly a person who have been victims of such attacks, will report the incident to the media, as it is in the first place will affect their personal reputation, and not on the company, public or government organization. In turn, attackers will actively seek out the information that they could use for criminal purposes, such as blackmail or industrial espionage in order to obtain compensation. (more…)


FortiOS 5.0

The update contains a number of new features for security and intelligent control that can help business customers more effectively with the latest sophisticated threats and protect data in use by employees of personal devices for business purposes.

In addition to releasing a new version of the operating system FortiOS 5.0 devices FortiGate, Fortinet announced the release of FortiManager 5.0, FortiAnalyzer 5.0 and FortiClient 5.0, which meet the growing need for more complex control systems and the analysis of the network infrastructure and endpoint activity for large, medium and small businesses.

New FortiOS 5.0 includes over 150 new features, through which customers can reliably protect against new threats and the exponential growth of new mobile devices and applications. (more…)