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Spam and phishingSpam has become so commonplace for all that many on it almost stopped paying attention.

However, this is not a reason to be vigilant, as there are two types of fraud with spam, known as “phishing” and “spoofing” (from the English. Fishing and spoofing, respectively). Both of these methods involve the use of fake e-mail messages in which the “from:” field contains a forged sender information.

What is phishing?

Phishing e-mails are used to lure the user’s personal data, as well as information about his account. Also they can be used to force a user to download malicious software. Often in such reports suggest some that require immediate attention to problems with the account of the recipient. The letter will contain a link that leads to a fake website where you are asked to provide personal information, account information, or download a program, which is usually masked by the virus. (more…)

Fake activator Windows 8

The creators hope to spread malware in the popularity of the new OS users.

As the researchers report of Trend Micro, in the Internet were found two pieces of malicious program, which offer users a supposedly install the operating system Windows 8 and activate it.

According to experts, one component of the virus offers users establish a novelty, for which the potential victim in the window that appears in Russian offered just press ‘OK’.

The second part of the virus is positioning itself as an activator of the operating system. In order to obtain a product activation code ostensibly, a dialog box asks the user to send SMS-message to a specified number. Thus, hackers online-fraud scheme.

“Malware ¬†creators hope of success, given the popularity of the operating system Windows 8 among users, as well as the desire of many of them to get the product without paying license fee” – say researchers Trend Micro.

For security purposes, users must avoid visiting or downloading from untrusted sources. Better yet, users should instead purchase the legitimate program. (more…)