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G DataAnti-virus company revealed the new technology of cloud cyber attacks.

Experts in the field of computer security have identified a new way of carrying out cyber attacks based on the placement of the virus code in the cloud storage.

According to experts of G Data, the virus placed in the “cloud ” can be used to intercept data when making payment transactions over the Internet. So, for example, downloaded from the cloud of the malicious code may require the user to re-enter credit card information or personal data, which as a result will be in the hands of criminals.

According to this principle already has two well-known Trojan virus called Zeus and Ciavax. Unlike traditional viruses, which are located directly among the files stored on the computer, cloud viruses are much more difficult to detect and analyze and effective means of dealing with them is not there yet. (more…)

G DataMobile viruses are rapidly evolving, and in the first half of 2013, their number an increase of 180 percent 180%.

According to experts of the German anti-virus company G Data, for the first 6 months of this year, it was discovered more than 519 thousand new malicious programs for the Android, while in the second half of 2012, the figure was about 185,000. Daily products G Data detected 2,868 new malware aimed at users of the platform. It is noteworthy that in the first half of last year it was discovered a little more than 29.5 million new threats.

To date, Android is the absolute leader among mobile platforms on the number of targeted malware on it. This is not only the prevalence of gadgets running on the Linux operating system, but also the availability of emerging lately special tools (malware kit), with which the creation of malware under the force of even the most experienced users. Moreover, the virus writers are more often disguise malicious code in applications, which makes the analysis of such software. As a result, an infected attachment remains active for a long time on the device and can be used by hackers in their own selfish purposes. (more…)

G Data1. What is the difference generation G Data 2014 from G Data 2013?

The main differences are:

– Redesigned user interface that has become easier to understand and meet the current trends. Management has become even easier and clearer for all levels of users;
– New generation of G Data 2014 is based on new technology proprietary G Data – CloseGap Active Hybrid. Combining classical methods and proactive protection using two independent anti-virus engines (CloseGap + Bitdefender) can provide the highest level of security;
– Compared with previous versions, running on two engines, CloseGap offers another benefit: a significant reduction in the consumption of computer resources;
– In addition, with each subsequent update CloseGap receive additional benefits. Thus, the technology adapts to the current level of network risk. (more…)

G Data TotalProtection 2014G Data TotalProtection 2014 – anti-virus protection with hybrid technology G Data CloseGap. Additional features: security settings, backup, secure online banking and device management.

G Data TotalProtection 2014 is a new complex solution for comprehensive protection. Integrated technology CloseGap offers reliable protection against all types of malware and Internet threats.

Active Hybrid protection blocks specific threat and does not slow down your computer, effectively combining proactive, cloud and signature detection methods. (more…)

G Data InternetSecurity 2014G Data InternetSecurity 2014 – comprehensive antivirus with new hybrid technology, G Data CloseGap and automatic protection against network and online threats.

Additional Features: Parental control, secure Internet banking.

G Data InternetSecurity 2014 uses a new technology CloseGap, which provides effective immediate protection from viruses, hacking, spam and other Internet threats.

Active hybrid protection provides effective interaction proactive, cloud and signature-based methods to detect malware and online threats c high speed, and also covers the specific region-specific threats. (more…)

G Data Antivirus 2014 boxG Data AntiVirus 2014: New anti-virus solution

G Data AntiVirus 2014 – with two powerful antivirus engines and hybrid technology G Data CloseGap for effective interaction proactive, cloud and signature-based method to detect malware and online threats.

G Data Antivirus 2014 offers instant protection from online threats, using a combination of different technologies: antivirus engine Bitdefender, maximum security with the latest developments of the company G Data CloseGap and regular hourly updates of virus signatures.

G Data Antivirus 2014 includes an improved component of a secure Internet banking G Data BankGuard effective protection for financial transactions online. Thanks to proactive protection in real time, users will be protected from the latest Internet threats and malicious programs. (more…)

G DataAfter years of development G Data finally presented the latest anti-virus technology.

G Data at the international exhibition CeBIT unveiled the innovative technology for protection from virus CloseGap. G Data CloseGap hybrid technology is an active protection that can withstand the malware and network attacks.

CloseGap actually has many more features than conventional anti-virus technology. It combines proactive protection methods, such as: (more…)

G Data CloudSecurityG Data CloudSecurity 2.0

G Data CloudSecurity – free add-on for browsers Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, which allows you to protect you from dangerous websites.

The program is up to date. The more people use the plugin, the more information about dangerous sites collect “cloud”, and the more effective it becomes G Data CloudSecurity. Also, using the plug-in, users can send URL suspicious site to the laboratory. (more…)