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Symantec CorpSymantec reported the detection of new threats in the Android app store.

Service Symantec Security Response has found 14 applications that allow attackers without the user’s direct requests from the device to external resources. Symantec Security Response has detected 14 malicious applications published by the same developer. These applications make the request with the user’s device by directing traffic to a web site needed attackers.

Malicious code running in the background, posing as part of the operating system Android. It receives signals from a number of control servers (C & C), and constantly waiting for the next command request over HTTP. This scheme provides remote management of a wide range of ways you can use. For example, it can help to generate revenue in the systems for the transition to monetize advertising links and banners. (more…)

Google PlayWhen you buy any application from Google Play directory your name, location (zip code, city and country) and e-mail is sent to the software developer.

When downloading free software transfer of personal data occurs.

The problem with a privacy in Google Play was raised by the Australian developer Dan Nolan though the problem, probably, exists for a long time.

Nolan has recently released a program in Google Play, sold a few hundred copies – and began to receive information about the purchases of personal data customers. According to Nolan, this is not just a major problem with privacy, and “absolutely crazy things.” Each developer can see the personal data of its customers Merchant Account.

Dan Nolan said that the private information of users retained by the seller, even if the buyer canceled the order. Each transaction is the transfer of funds in the application directory is regarded as a physical banking transaction, and Google reveals all the details. Similarly, in the real world is usually impossible to make anonymous clearing, so is buying Google Play regarded as bank transfer. (more…)

McAfee logoExperts have found on Google Play malicious application disguised as a luxury version of Angry Birds Space.

According to experts in the information security of the company McAfee, the store mobile applications Google Play found malicious application disguised as a luxury version of the game from the series Angry Birds.

“The huge popularity of games such as Angry Birds Space, which is in the top 50 most downloaded free apps in the Google Play, are the perfect cover for virus and greatly simplifies the task of spreading malicious code”, – explained in McAfee. (more…)