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Hackers attackThe network software is the most vulnerable, because the communication channel through which messages are transmitted, most often not protected, and anyone who may have access to the channel, respectively, can intercept messages and send your own. Therefore, at the level of the ACT, the following hacks:

– listening to the local network segment (within the same LAN segment, all the connected computer can receive messages addressed to other computers on the segment, and therefore, if the computer is connected to some hacker LAN segment, then it is available all the information exchange between computers in this segment);

– interception of communications on the router (if a hacker has privileged access to the network router, it is able to intercept all messages passing through the router, and while total interception is impossible due to the large volume, extremely attractive to hackers is selectively intercepting messages containing passwords users and their e-mail); (more…)

Hackers attackProtect the operating system, as opposed to DBMS, it is much more difficult. The fact that the internal structure of modern operating systems are extremely complex, and therefore compliance with the adequate security policy is a much more difficult task. Among the people are of the opinion that the most effective attacks on operating Systems can be arranged only with the help of sophisticated tools based on the latest achievements of science and technology, and the attacker must be highly skilled programmer. This is not entirely true.

No one disputes the fact that the user should be aware of all the innovations in the field of computer technology. And the high qualification – not too much. However, art is not a hacker to break into any very “cool” computer security. You just need to be able to find a weak spot in a particular system of protection. In this case, the simplest methods of hacking are not worse than the most sophisticated, because the simpler algorithm of attack, the more likely it is completed without errors and crashes, especially where prior testing of this algorithm in conditions similar to “combat” are very limited. (more…)