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Hacking Team hackedHacking news 2015: The Hacking Team Hacking – Latest news

Recall, July 5, unknown hackers have broken into the computer network of the company and abducted more than 400 GB of corporate data.

Stolen information includes corporate documents, source code, and even, as it became known, a few exploits for zero-day vulnerability in Adobe Flash. Also, hackers managed to hack the official Hacking Team account in Twitter.

Hacking Team’s CEO David Vincenzetti issued a new statement promising that the company plans to deliver the recovered version of Galileo Remote Control System (Galileo, is the advanced and sophisticated spyware tool) and internal infrastructure to replace products that have been compromised in the cyber attacks. (more…)

Hacking Team hackedHacking of a spy cyber security firm “The Hacking Team”: Most Interesting articles

Here we provide 10 the most interesting and informative articles related to major hacking of a spy cyber security firm “The Hacking Team”.

The Italian company, Hacking Team is among a handful of companies that offer surveillance tools to law enforcement around the world. The Italian company is well-known for its controversial operations, helping governments and various intelligence agencies spy on citizens.

Hacking Team says its tools enable investigators to obtain information even if targets encrypt their communications to protect them.

5th July 2015, this Italian cyber security firm has itself become the victim of a hacking attack. (more…)

Penetration Testing

Dear visitors! Today we present to your attention overviews of a software (programs and tools) for hacking, security analysis and penetration testing: Portable Reverse Engineering Framework, UPnP Pentest Toolkit, OLE/COM viewer and inspector, and Pinpoint tool.

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White HatFor every bad hacker there’s a good one. Here we look at six white hat hackers who have contributed to security advances.

Despite gaining a less than desirable reputation, hacking has not always been the tool of evil.

White hat hackers – those technological boffins who use their skills to help others to improve their security – are just as prolific as black hat hackers. Here are six white hats you wouldn’t want to mess with. (more…)

whitehatDo you want to spend the rest of your life in a boring office doing typical corporate nonsense, or do you want to get paid for hacking? For many teens and young adults, this is a dream come true. Spending your days destroying viruses, outsmarting other hackers and being the hero that thwarts a cyber terrorism attack. While this might seem like a fantasy, the truth is that you could be doing this for the government. Ethical hackers are needed, and you can fulfill this need while making a good amount of money.

Hackers Required

Did you think that the computer science niche was overcrowded? You would be right in most cases, but this isn’t true with cybersecurity. Only about five percent of all available positions have been filled. That allows you to leap into one of the many remaining jobs. Not only that, but the need for security experts is rising because cyber terrorism is becoming more common. (more…)

DDoS attack alertDDoS attack has become a consumer product.

She still can not be sold in the shops, but in underground sites, you will find many opportunities – sets for DDoS, price lists and even DDoS services for hire. Anyone from individuals to organizations involved in cybercrime can easily deploy a botnet and launch an attack.

Not require programming skills and knowledge of hacking, DDoS kits allow novice hackers to easily run a botnet. DDoS kit includes two components – Designer bots, as well as the management server. (more…)

FacebookAccording to the administration of Facebook, the social network has undergone a “complex” attack by unknown hackers.

At the same time, according to a company blog that the incident was identified in January of this year. Any sensitive data of users, according to Facebook, were not compromised.

Social networking experts also noted that the risk of compromising a server error after a number of employees have a link to a malicious resource and infect their computers with virus software.

At present septic systems are clean, and the incident notified the police. Currently, police are investigating the incident. (more…)

HackersUnidentified hackers posted on the compromised site exploit to a zero-day vulnerability in IE.

December 21 unknown hackers have carried out a successful attack on the website of the Council on Foreign Relations, United States ( and posted on the site exploits a previously unknown vulnerability in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

First started talking about breaking only on December 27. Representative of the Council on Foreign Relations, David Mikhail said that the organization is aware of a security incident, and is being investigated.

December 28th the company FireEye blog published an analysis of malicious software that has been used by hackers. According to the analysis FireEye, attackers have used Adobe Flash for the preparation of dynamic memory on the system of the victim (heap spray) for the successful operation of a zero-day vulnerability in Microsoft Internet Explorer. The exploit has been designed for users who have a browser is the default put English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Russian. (more…)

Hackers attackJanet Napolitano of the Representative office, said that a number of major U.S. financial institutions are actively tried discredit.

According to a leader of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) U.S. Secretary Janet Napolitano, over the past few days by unknown hackers are actively trying to discredit a number of major financial institutions in the country. No details about security incidents Napolitano has not disclosed.

“Right now, financial institutions oppose attacks – quoted representatives of DHS publication The Hill. – We believe in it. I will not give you any secret information. I can only say that this is due to some of the largest institutions in the country. “

She also noted that the agency has experience in dealing with hackers, attacking in the last few years, the stock exchanges of the country. In addition, Napolitano said that in the case of the current incident hackers have managed to steal from the bank a certain amount of money. (more…)

iOS 6 hacked a day after release

Posted: September 20, 2012 in IT Security News
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iOS 6Tags: Apple, iOS 6, hacking
No sooner had the new items will appear in the online store, as hackers have developed a mechanism for its breaking.

The company Apple did not have time officially release a new mobile operating system iOS 6, as hackers have developed a mechanism for its breaking.

To access the device attackers used the program redsn0w, created by a group of iPhone Dev Team, which enabled to hack the operating system for smartphones iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPod touch players to the fourth generation.

Breaking mechanism allows you to download content from the online store Cydia, but the utility to work with the service user needs to install yourself. In addition, the procedure must be repeated breaking every time you reboot your device. (more…)