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Vulnerabilities 2014The flaw allows a remote user to gain full control over the router and attack all devices connected to the home network.

The company Check Point Software Technologies has found a critical vulnerability Misfortune Cookie, which able to hit tens of millions of home routers worldwide (mostly residential gateways / SOHO – small office/home office routers). The CVE-2014-9222 flaw allows attackers to gain control of network devices, and administrative privileges, and then carry out an attack on all devices in the home network. (more…)

Critical vulnerabilities in routers

Critical vulnerabilities in routers

Critical vulnerabilities in routers Linksys, Belkin, Netgear, Verizon and D-Link

Independent Security Evaluators company released information about critical vulnerabilities in 13 popular models of home routers, Linksys, Belkin, Netgear, Verizon and D-Link. The critical vulnerability – is a vulnerability that allows an attacker to gain complete control over the configuration settings for your device.

Researchers at Independent Security Evaluators found partially uncovered the details of their holes.

The experts says, they have contacted the developer of devices and gave them the information necessary to create fixes. However, at Independent Security Evaluators have been slow to disclose a list of models of vulnerable devices or a detailed description of gaps. (more…)