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BlackArch Linux logoPresented new BlackArch Linux ISOs & installer, specialized distribution for security researchers and penetration testers.

Distribution built on Arch Linux packet-based and includes over 1200 security-related utilities. Supported Projects package repository is compatible with Arch Linux, and can be used in conventional plants Arch Linux.

Distribution supports assemblies for architectures: i686, x86_64, armv6h and armv7h. New BlackArch Live ISO size: 3.6 GB. As graphic environments have a choice of window managers: dwm, fluxbox, openbox, awesome, wmii, i3 and spectrwm. (more…)

HackersCyber security has emerged as one of the major issues for businesses today owing to the ever growing nexus of hackers out there. Keeping the general scenario in view, it would not be wrong to claim that hackers are even able to steal around 45 millions in 2 days. The greater inter connectivity of devices has made it easier for hackers to grab confidential information on a large scale. therefore, it is advisable that companies approach security risk management with a lot of seriousness with an aim to remove both internal and external threats on a regular basis.

The IT security landscape is clearly changing and it has got companies frantically looking for ways to locate risks or vulnerabilities associated with their own systems. Now the nature of information safety security might vary vastly. Here are the main types of cyber threats discussed. The differences are based solely on the motive of the crimes thus discussed. (more…)

ESET LogoESET is known as an international developer of antivirus software.

In addition it owns a number of decisions in the field of computer security technology for both corporate and home users. The company was founded in 1992 and since then its development has led to the fact that it is presented is more than 160 countries on all continents.

ESET company offers solutions in the field of information security protection for home PC users, and servers and workstations of companies of all sizes.

ESET is a pioneer in the field of heuristic threat detection that can detect and neutralize both known and unknown viruses and malware. ESET can be called a pioneer in regard to the creation of heuristics to detect threats. These methods can effectively detect and eventually neutralize all the known, and entirely new software that can harm your computer. All family of products ESET NOD32 uses proprietary technology ThreatSense ™, this allows for unmatched detection and removal of malware. (more…)

Information Security

Posted: February 19, 2013 in Articles

information securityWhat is information security

A common mistake many companies nowadays is the overestimation or underestimation of the possible threats to information security.

Usually, information security measures are ad hoc, in the hope that it will be enough.

Or some companies trust of an information security system administrator or another employee, no less dangerous.

The modern business is highly dependent on information technology. In the information systems of any company is information the disclosure of which is highly undesirable. Our objective is to prevent any possible cases of unauthorized appropriation of the information. (more…)

FacebookEgyptian expert in the field of information security, Mohamed Ramadan discovered a vulnerability in Facebook Camera app for iOS.

Application accepts any SSL certificate, creating a base for an attack of the ‘man in the middle.’

Versions prior to 1.1.2 (previously released 21/12/2012) provide unauthorized access to some data on your phone when connected via Wi-Fi.
In particular, an attacker can intercept transmitted e-mail address and password you used to log in to Facebook. So iPhone users run the risk of losing control of his account in Facebook.

Facebook camera app for iOS allows an attacker to find e-mail and password for the account of the victim (more…)


Mobile devices security

Every day, numbers users of mobile platforms is increasing. Most recently, Google celebrated the activation of the 500 millionth device platform Android, Apple by the numbers a little bit behind – 365 million devices.

But you must agree that the numbers and dynamics of development is impressive. Smartphones and tablets are increasingly part of our daily lives, becoming not a luxury but a necessity. Life ‘OnLine’, access to the information here and now without any restrictions – these are a few of the benefits that mobile devices. Information is always available. It’s easy and convenient. However, such rapid growth could not be overlooked by the criminal information society – hackers. Is your data belongs to you?

At our first meeting friendly interface mobile device immediately offers you make to it information about profiles in social networks, user e-mail and other Internet – services. This step is designed to blur the boundaries between the various services and to connect them to your device. Messages from a contact on the desktop alert appointments from Google – calendar entries friends on Twitter. Convenient, is not it? The unit is getting to you a personal assistant – helps make your day, do not forget important information or have fun in a spare moment. Research experts, about 70% of users of mobile devices to store sensitive information such as passwords and credit card numbers of frequently visited sites, corporate documents, and more. However, few users thinks that not only can they have access to their data. (more…)


Crack Belkin Routers

Experts Find Way to Crack Default WPA2 Passwords of Belkin Routers

Experts in the field of information security Jakob Lell and Jorg Schneider declare that they have managed to crack a password by default in routers Belkin. The study found that the password assigned to many Belkin routers by default, if you use an encryption standard WPA2, is easy to calculate.

The main reason for this problem is that the password assigned by default, is generated based on MAC-address of the device. According to Jörg Schneider, given the fact that the MAC-address of the device is passed through the signal frame, the attacker would not be difficult to calculate a password, and easily connect to the wireless network of the victims. According to Schneider, each of the eight digits, the default password is generated by replacing the corresponding digit hexadecimal network MAC-address using a static table lookup.

In turn Jacob Lell said, in order to calculate the default router password Belkin, an attacker enough to draw a simple lookup table, that is, to compromise the device, it is only necessary to learn MAC-address of the router, and then, after spending just a few minutes, put it into hex. (more…)