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Spam and phishingThe number of Internet users, faced with phishing attacks over the past 12 months increased by 87% – from 19.9 to 37.3 million.

Most often the victims of cyber threats become residents of Russia, the U.S., India, Vietnam and the UK. These are the results of the study “The Evolution of phishing attacks in 2011-2013” conducted by Kaspersky Lab in June 2013 based on data from the cloud monitoring system Kaspersky Security Network.

Phishing –  Internet fraud in which criminals create a fake copy of a popular site (e-mail service, online banking, social networks, etc.) and the different ways to try to lure users to the Internet. The purpose of phishing attacks – get valuable user data: personal data, information for accessing banking services and accounts in social networks. Subsequently, malicious or self-use collected information to steal the victim’s money, as well as the spread of spam and malware through compromised accounts in the mail or social networks, or resell the information to other criminals. (more…)

Bank CardsIn recent time increased the number of cases of fraud involving bank cards.

According to the analyst, global losses from Internet fraud and bank terminals in the billions annually. Of particular concern are scamming – interception of a credit card through the electronic devices illegally installed on the front of the bank terminal (overhead readers and keyboards).

Scammers often use the skimmer, so-called “mules” – middlemen engaged for a fee cashing stolen money. “Mules” takes money from stolen cards and transfer them to the anonymous account. Copies of the compromised cards and information disclosed bank accounts sold on the black market, the price depends on the country of origin of the map. (more…)