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Google Webmaster ToolsInternet security is of the utmost importance for website maintenance in 2014.

People are blogging now more than ever, so if your site uses a common CMS platform like WordPress or Joomla, you may be even more vulnerable to hacking attempts.

Luckily, there are a variety of free website security tools available that can help you maintain site security and check for malware. One of the best ways to monitor the security and health of your website is by using Google Webmaster Tools. (more…)

Internet Security

Internet Security

In this article, I have listed a few tips to keep your personal data and other information secure online.

Internet security is something that everyone should be concerned with and that you should definitely take seriously. With all your bank details, your personal information and your private pictures stored online, a world of damage could be done if someone were to get a hole of your details and hack your accounts.

Thus you should choose the most secure passwords possible, you should make sure that you have different passwords for various different services and accounts, and you should look after your system security by running regular checks and installing the best software. (more…)

MalwareMalware, viruses, bot injection, DDoS attacks ad infinitum. For years now they have been the bane of webmasters, company executives and owners around the world.

With the annual damage from malware alone exceeding $13 billion, to date there has been no solution to predict if an attack is coming your way or if your website is on the “target list”.

New technologies in corporate internet security monitoring are changing this, with dark spiders which can now crawl the full spectrum of the cyber criminal chatter network to see if your company website, name or even key staff names are on a list somewhere. (more…)

HackersCyber security has emerged as one of the major issues for businesses today owing to the ever growing nexus of hackers out there. Keeping the general scenario in view, it would not be wrong to claim that hackers are even able to steal around 45 millions in 2 days. The greater inter connectivity of devices has made it easier for hackers to grab confidential information on a large scale. therefore, it is advisable that companies approach security risk management with a lot of seriousness with an aim to remove both internal and external threats on a regular basis.

The IT security landscape is clearly changing and it has got companies frantically looking for ways to locate risks or vulnerabilities associated with their own systems. Now the nature of information safety security might vary vastly. Here are the main types of cyber threats discussed. The differences are based solely on the motive of the crimes thus discussed. (more…)

Wireless Networks SecurityPublic Wi-Fi mobile hotspots are a hacker’s dream and a mobile user’s nightmare. The security tips listed below will help to keep your data safe while browsing online.

1. Choose Secure Networks 

Most hotspots have no security or very weak at best. Some Wi-Fi providers do maintain a secure network. Always use networks that have some form of encryption to reduce the chances of hackers getting into your data.  If you’re using Windows 7 onward, left click on the wireless network icon and hover over the SSID to see the type of security used. Steer clear of connections that show “Unsecured.” (more…)

Kaspersky Lab logoKaspersky Internet Security, successfully repelled all attacks is aimed at online banking systems in the course of specialized testing Online Banking / Browser Security Assessment Project, conducted in the second quarter of 2013.

The danger of attacks aimed at the users of payment systems and online banking, is that if successful, attackers abducted real money account holder, return that can be extremely rare. With the growing popularity of payment services and online banking and increased requirements for security solutions for home users. That’s why independent experts from MRG Effitas had a test to measure how well the popular protective products to cope with such attacks.

Banking Trojan Zeus is the most common type of financial malware. Zeus infects the user’s computer and lies in wait when he will enter the online system of the bank. Once this happens, the Trojan tries to steal accounts online banking passwords and other personal information. This summer, Zeus has set his sights on Facebook, showing how it can be developed to avoid detection and bypass existing security measures banks and vendors of security solutions. (more…)

McAfee logoMcAfee has announced that McAfee LiveSafe service is available for purchase at retail. The new development is also pre-installed on many models of Ultrabook PCs and leading manufacturers.

McAfee LiveSafe Service, officially unveiled in May this year, is designed to radically change the perception of security through advanced technology that protects the information and the identity of the owner. McAfee LiveSafe License applies to all PCs, smartphones and tablets available to the user, with no limit to the number, the company said.

Overall, McAfee LiveSafe is a cross-platform service protection. It includes a function Personal Locker, which uses voice recognition and facial features to provide access to essential information and documents holder, including copies of passports and identity cards, which are in a secure cloud storage. In addition to protecting against viruses of multiple devices on the Internet, McAfee LiveSafe also provides simplified and automated management of user names and passwords. The service supports the hardware technology to protect against theft, implemented in the Ultrabook; function of protecting privacy for smartphones and tablets, and a number of other security features. (more…)

BitDefender LogoBitdefender Windows 8 Security – a complete solution for Internet security, designed specifically for Windows 8.

Contains 4 features: early start protection, proactive scanner applications, faster scanning and safety information.

Bitdefender Windows 8 Security – first complete antivirus solution for Internet security, specially designed for the new operating system Windows 8 from BitDefender (BitDefender – company specializing in the development of a set of software for virus protection and information security).

The solution contains four important features that will enhance the safety of the new OS:

1. Early protection startup. Prevents infected computer from malicious programs when running Windows 8 using ELAM (Early-Launch Anti-Malware) technology start early protection against malicious programs.

2. Proactive Application Scanner. Automatically analyzes the Windows 8 and notifies you when any application was broken, and provides risk.

3. Scan Boost Technology. Antivirus solution that you were always looking for – high-speed scanning, advanced protection against malicious software and work without slowing down your computer. The use of White List and cloud technologies along with other detection methods.

4. Security Information. Bitdefender Security Center is integrated with Windows 8, and keeps you informed of the protection status of your computer. (more…)

Comodo Internet Security 6On the night of October 10 came Beta-version of free antivirus integrated Comodo Internet Security 6.0. Consider the major improvements and changes in the new version

Major improvements and changes in the Comodo Internet Security 6.0

The new user interface

The new interface is completely redesigned and adapted specifically to touch screen, as well as to quickly perform basic tasks to ensure the safety and security of your computer and data.

Interface Comodo Internet Security 6.0 is designed from the ground up – the developers tried to make the most comprehensive solution was easy to manage. At first glance, it’s pretty simple, which is valuable for beginners, and for experienced support a variety of advanced settings. (more…)

Internet SafetyAfter each leak passwords experts again and again explain to users how important to maintain security on the Internet: create long password, password manager, use two-factor authentication, etc. Unfortunately, each new leak of passwords shows that the situation does not change. Passwords have been weak, and remain weak, and users continue to use the same passwords for different sites.

University of California at Berkeley, Steven Webber explains that security professionals do not consider human psychology. In fact, most people are quite aware that you need to follow the safety on the Internet. But do not do it for some reason. (more…)