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360 Mobile Security360 Mobile Security – is a new free mobile application for Android and iOS, providing an impressive array of instruments of data protection, including antivirus and system cleaning tool.

The product scans the mobile device and displays a detailed report on the actions of installed programs on which to judge whether they are dangerous for the system. It is noteworthy that the 360 ​​version of Mobile Security for Android is significantly different from the version for iOS – the second contains a number of additional features and is more flexible.

Appendix 360 Mobile Security is designed to protect smartphones from any malicious software, including viruses, system vulnerabilities and leakage of private data. Security is provided in real time and affects not only the user-defined applications, but also any software package in the mobile device. The developer of the product, the company Qihu 360 Software, claims that the presence of a two-level security allows you to proactively block unwanted components due to 360 QVS + – cloud-scanning technology. (more…)