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iPhone hackedAs an operating system, IOS has been always great for security, with the release of IOS 7, everything is being more positive. However, you cannot be sure 100% that your iPhone 5 is safe and secure, even with some simple techniques, attackers may get sensitive photos, documents or information from it.

The best way to deal with risk of attacks that is to increase the security for your iPhone 5 with some simple but effective ways, and then you do not need to think about it anymore.

Firmware Update

Nothing is perfect, your iPhone 5 is just a Smartphone running IOS, and it can have vulnerabilities probably. By this reason, there are several versions of the iPhone has released. As you know, the first version of iPhone has many security holes, but it is better and better after each update. (more…)

Network security iOS

Posted: December 1, 2012 in Articles
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iOSIn addition to the basic functions of protection and security features and data encryption, iOS devices provide a wide range of network security features to securely transmit data over the network to both individual and corporate users. For corporate users, it is important that they can access corporate data from anywhere in the world. No less important and reliable user authentication and secure transmission of data. iOS uses, and gives developers access to the standard network protocols to create authorized, authenticated and encrypted connections.

iMessage – an application for instant messaging. In earlier versions it was only possible to exchange text messages. Starting with iOS 3.0, adds support for MMS messages.

Other mobile platforms to protect open ports may require additional installation of a firewall. By reducing the attack surface (no optional network utilities like telnet), iOS additional firewall does not. In addition, messages transmitted through the services of iMessage, FaceTime and Apple Push Notification Service is fully encrypted and authenticated. (more…)