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IOS 7 logoThe new iOS 7 update from Apple for iPhone and iPad includes many new features in terms of design and functionality, most of which have been covered extensively in the press. What is not so widely reported is the work Apple has done on one other important point: mobile security, especially in case of theft or loss.

Data security has always been a matter of great concern to Apple users, but physical product theft is also a massive issue. In New York, iPhone thefts are so common that they have their own column in the city’s crime figures. Since the latest software update, the NYPD are now encouraging iPhone owners to switch to iOS 7 due to the new security features. Before the arrival of iOS 7 it was easy for a thief to completely erase and re-format an iPhone so that it could be re-sold with nobody being any wiser. Now things are very different and difficult for thieves. (more…)