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KeyloggerKeyloggers are a dangerous form of a malware that hackers often use to get people’s data. You will want to know what keyloggers are so that you can avoid them.

Surfing the Internet can be quite risky if you don’t understand all of the threats that you face. Keyloggers are one of the biggest cybersecurity threats. A hacker can easily install a keylogger on your system and steal your most sensitive information. You need to understand the dangers that keyloggers pose so that you can remove them from your computer or mobile device. (more…)

KeyloggersKeyloggers – are applications that monitor keyboard keystrokes and sends this information to a malicious user.

This can be done by mail or by sending directly to a server located anywhere in the global network. This information can then be used to collect email or other details from unsuspecting users, and perhaps even to obtain source code of programs at vendors. (more…)