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New malware Clampzok

New MAC malware Clampzok

Information security specialists say about the identification of a new conceptual attacks aimed at compromising the operating system Mac OS X.

New malware called Clampzok.A is a cross-platform package that puts the appropriate operating system binaries. These files are in the performance of the file system infect nearby binary files..

Malicious software was written in assembly language and originally introduced back in 2006, for Windows and Linux, but now it has been updated to support 32-bit binaries Mach-O in OS X. (more…)

Critical vulnerabilities in routers

New Mac-malware

Information security specialists say the discovered of new malware families previously identified spyware KitM for the operating system Mac OS X.

One of the new code appears to have been written in December 2012 and is intended for users in Germany.

KitM (Kumar in the Mac) is also known as HackBlack and is a kind of backdoor, which makes screenshots and sends them to a remote hacker’s server. It also opens the Shell-access to the infected computer, allowing you to perform different commands on it. (more…)