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Hackers attackTokyo police detained a group of cyber criminals who have deployed the largest-ever campaign for stealing personal data of users of digital devices.

AsĀ  the Japanese media reported, Tokyo police arrested five people on suspicion of distributing malicious applications for devices based on Android, with which attackers compromised the personal data of more than 10 million people.

According to police, the criminals replaced the popular applications for mobile on malware, with the help of which have access to confidential information of users. (more…)

McAfee logoMcAfee found a Trojan that disables antivirus software

The virus is able to deactivate the update modules of different software.

Experts from McAfee found malware that could simplify the way viruses attack, disable any anti-virus software on the system, as well as deactivating the update modules for different software.

According to the researchers, the worm spreads through the social network Facebook, as well as through a number of IM-clients, including ICQ, Skype, GTalk, Pidgin, MSN and YIM.

Attackers send messages to potential victims of alleged links to funny or interesting video. If the user will be held on the proposed web-site on his computer to automatically download and run malicious code. (more…)