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Symantec CorpAccording to Symantec, in the past month, the flow of spam advertising, phishing and malicious messages increased slightly. The level of spam in email traffic was 75.0%, 2.7 points higher than in August.

More junk email from other suffering people of Saudi Arabia (84.9%), and the division by sectors of economic activity – educators (77.9%) and entertainment (77.6%). Among the countries that spammers are leading India (17.4% of spam traffic) and Saudi Arabia (11.7%). The top five for this indicator also includes the United States (6.1%), Turkey (5.1%) and Canada (4.9%).

The most common theme is illegitimate messages advertising pornographic and dating sites, which share in August increased to 47.93%. Flows have also increased advertising replica designer goods, offers employment and casino spam (12.49, 7.83 and 2.26% respectively). Farmaspama share in total garbage posts decreased by 5 points, but still significant (27.64%). (more…)